No more “busy” work for teachers

Not all schoolwork needs to be corrected by teachers.

Just as we avoid drowning our students in busy work, it’s time we stopped doing it to ourselves. Auto marking is a valuable innovation that gives teachers the most valuable gift of all time.

Three key goals of Edtech should be to:

  • harness working smarter
  • enhance student engagement
  • and to eliminate manual processes.

Auto marking achieves all three of these goals.

We know that for feedback to be effective it needs to be timely. When using auto marking the feedback is produced immediately. Perhaps the greatest asset of auto marking is that it provides greater student agency. It empowers students to actively engage in their learning and encourages them to take initiative to follow up with their teachers. Students become more self-directed and internally motivated which are key drivers to student learning.

When measuring effective teacher feedback, let’s focus on the impact it provides students with rather than the number of ticks and crosses it leaves behind.