VCE Chemistry 1&2 Smartstudy Exams

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VCE Chemistry 1&2 Smartstudy Exams

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VCE Chemistry 1&2 Smartstudy Exams is designed to help students in their preparation for exams to maximise results and overall performance.

Chemistry 1&2 Smartstudy Exams features:

  • three Unit 1 practice exams designed to sit under exam conditions
  • three Unit 2 practice exams designed to sit under exam conditions
  • fully-worked solutions, in particular explanations of multiple-choice solutions
  • a data booklet for VCE Chemistry 1&2
  • a design reflecting the VCAA format, so students are prepared for the style and difficulty of their exams.

The practice exams are designed to test knowledge of the entire Chemistry 1&2 course. Students can use these leading into their Chemistry SACs in addition to their exams to practice topics that they want to improve in. Students can also use the detailed solutions to self-mark and improve their understanding of what the VCAA is looking for throughout the exams.

Using this book as a teacher:

This book is perfect for assisting your students with SAC or exam preparation. Assign your students a section of an exam for each topic. Alternatively, engage students throughout your class by using these practice exams to break up class discussions. Each question comes with a worked solution, so your students can mark their own work.

Using this book as a student:

Use the Neap Chemistry 1&2 Smartstudy Exams to complete new and original practice exams. You can practice individual questions before you sit down and attempt an exam in timed conditions. This guide is the perfect study partner in the lead-up to your SACs and exams.

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