VCE Physics Unit 3 Advantage Series

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VCE Physics Unit 3 Advantage Series

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The Neap Advantage Series for VCE Physics 3 is designed to provide students with
a thorough revision of the course and preparation for the end-of-year exam.

Physics 3 Advantage Series features the following Areas of Study:

  • iHow do things move without contact?
  • lHow are fields used to move electrical energy?
  • iHow fast can things go?

The Physics 3 Advantage Series is made up of course summaries that break down hundreds of pages of the textbook into clear, precise revision notes. Area of Study and topics order the revision summaries. This helps students to better understand classroom teaching and allows them to focus on any areas that they struggle in.

A practice exam also tests knowledge of the entire Unit 3 course. Students can use this leading into their Physics SACs as well as their exams to practice topics that they want to improve in. Students can also use the solutions to mark their own work and improve their understanding of what the VCAA is looking for in the exams.

The introduction includes helpful information on assessment, such as a breakdown of the Areas of Study into easy to read dot points for each topic. It includes key knowledge, formulas, concepts and theories for each topic, as well as worked examples. The introduction also includes a full formula sheet for Units 3&4.

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