Teachers are solar panels – they charge during the summer

At the end of every school year there is a sigh of exhaustion tinged with a sense of accomplishment. School staff might experience a new and deeper form of fatigue this year. Teachers have spent the year perpetually shifting between in-school and online teaching, worrying about vulnerable students and often feeling guilt or hopelessness about student learning loss. There’s a saying that, “teaching is the greatest act of optimism” and this has certainly been true this year.

The summer term break allows us time to physically, mentally and spiritually recharge. I’ve often compared a school day to going on stage and ‘performing’ for 6 hours. Our days are fast paced, intense and constantly changing. These are all reasons why we love the profession. However the importance of “time” and our lack of it, is always at the forefront. The end of a school year reminds us of the value of rest and recovery to our physical and psychological wellbeing. While our greatest work may be seen in the classroom the foundation of this work is often found away from the classroom. We hope you find time for yourself, enjoy the lack of routine, and simply give your voice a rest – you deserve it.


Neap would like to thank all the teachers and schools who have trusted and purchased our products throughout the year. Your feedback has been invaluable and we are excited about developments for the year ahead. We wish you a restful summer break filled with quality time with family and friends.