Teaching to the middle means only the “middle” learn

The adage “teaching to the middle” was one piece of advice I received as an overwhelmed Graduate. I was astonished by the spread of abilities and the range of engagement from students in my class. Fortunately, I also had a very patient and experienced Mentor who coached me on the importance of Differentiating my teaching.

Differentiation is a key high impact teaching strategy (HITS) and is proven to contribute to making the biggest impact to student learning outcomes. While I consider myself an optimist, I’m also a realist and the reality of Differentiating our curriculum for every student isn’t always humanly possible. However, this predicament is changing as innovations to education such as automated marking and data collation enable Differentiating to be quicker and easier.

Implementing an evidence-based approach is simplified with these innovations and we explored this in terms of our teaching practice in our previous Webinar which was recorded and can be viewed here.