VCE Diagnostic Topic Tests

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Neap’s Diagnostic Topic Tests (DTTs) are used by VCE teachers to easily monitor their students’ understanding according to subject topics and outcomes. Teachers can use these tests to identify students’ strength and areas that require support throughout the course of the year. DTTs allow teachers to identify and isolate misconceptions immediately before new concepts are presented. Not just a collection of assessment items, Neap DTTs provide a diagnostic profile of each student and the whole class. The tests include a variety of approaches to answering questions, VCE curriculum specific concepts and a breakdown of the mark allocations for each question.

Neap Diagnostic Topic Tests Feature:

  • new and original questions written for newly accredited courses
  • questions that develop skills and competencies appropriate to each topic
  • an identification of concepts being tested
  • different approaches to answering questions
  • an identification of rules and formulas to be applied
  • fully-worked solutions to all questions
  • diagnostic comments and mark allocations to all questions


Covering all topics:

Each set covers all topics in all Areas of Study with individual tests ready to print and use as needed. Tests contain exam-style questions making them suitable for both topic-testing and exam practice. Fully-worked solutions to all questions are provided along with diagnostic comments and mark allocation.


Diagnostic Topic Tests Writing Team

Neap DTTs are specifically written when a course has been newly accredited by the VCAA. The extensive network of teachers who produce Neap DTTs are all experts in their fields and have vast experience in teaching the VCE. They include State Reviewers of the VCE, experienced writers and markers of VCE exam papers, authors of current VCE textbooks, members of verification and review boards for VCE subjects, and panel members on the implementation of the Victorian schools curriculum. This ensures that all new curriculum requirements for each subject, as set by the VCAA, are encompassed in every set of DTTs produced.

Subjects Available